Sample BMS is quoted from “(^^)

BMS code

text/plane (probably), encoding has many problems, CRLF or CR or LF

*---------------------- HEADER FIELD

#TITLE (^^) [5keys Normal]
#ARTIST Yamajet
#BPM 140
#STAGEFILE title.bmp
#BANNER _banner.bmp

#WAV01 kick.wav
#WAV02 kick.wav
#WAV03 clap.wav
#WAV04 clap.wav
#WAV05 v_f.wav
#WAV06 v_o.wav
#WAV07 v_o.wav
#WAV08 v_n.wav
#WAV09 v_foon.wav
#WAV0A bass.wav
#WAV0B ohh.wav

#BMP01 cyc-foonmain_00000.bmp
#BMP02 cyc-foonmain_00001.bmp
#BMP03 cyc-foonmain_00002.bmp
#BMP04 cyc-foonmain_00003.bmp
#BMP05 cyc-foonmain_00004.bmp
#BMP06 cyc-foonmain_00005.bmp
#BMP07 cyc-foonmain_00006.bmp
#BMP08 cyc-foonmain_00007.bmp
#BMP09 cyc-foonmain_00008.bmp
#BMP0A cyc-foonmain_00009.bmp
#BMP0B cyc-foonmain_00010.bmp
#BMP0C cyc-foonmain_00011.bmp
#BMP0D cyc-foonmain_00012.bmp
#BMP0E cyc-foonmain_00013.bmp
#BMP0F cyc-foonmain_00014.bmp
#BMP10 cyc-foonmain_00015.bmp
#BMP11 cyc-foonmain_00016.bmp
#BMP12 cyc-foonmain_00017.bmp
#BMP13 cyc-foonmain_00018.bmp
#BMP14 cyc-foonmain_00019.bmp
#BMP15 cyc-foonmain_00020.bmp
#BMP16 cyc-foonmain_00021.bmp
#BMP17 cyc-foonmain_00022.bmp
#BMP18 cyc-foonmain_00023.bmp
#BMP19 cyc-foonmain_00024.bmp
#BMP1A cyc-foonmain_00025.bmp
#BMP1B cyc-foonmain_00026.bmp
#BMP1C cyc-foonmain_00027.bmp
#BMP1D cyc-foonmain_00028.bmp
#BMP1E cyc-foonmain_00029.bmp
#BMP1F cyc-foonmain_00030.bmp
#BMP20 cyc-foonmain_00031.bmp
#BMP21 cyc-foonmain_00032.bmp
#BMP22 cyc-foonmain_00033.bmp
#BMP23 cyc-foonmain_00034.bmp
#BMP24 cyc-foonmain_00035.bmp
#BMP25 cyc-foonmain_00036.bmp
#BMP26 cyc-foonmain_00037.bmp
#BMP27 cyc-foonmain_00038.bmp
#BMP28 cyc-foonmain_00039.bmp
#BMP29 cyc-foonmain_00040.bmp
#BMP2A cyc-foonmain_00041.bmp
#BMP2B cyc-foonmain_00042.bmp
#BMP2C cyc-foonmain_00043.bmp
#BMP2D cyc-foonmain_00044.bmp
#BMP2E cyc-foonmain_00045.bmp
#BMP2F cyc-foonmain_00046.bmp
#BMP30 cyc-foonmain_00047.bmp
#BMP31 cyc-foonmain_00048.bmp
#BMP32 cyc-foonmain_00049.bmp
#BMP33 cyc-foonmain_00050.bmp
#BMP34 cyc-foonmain_00051.bmp
#BMP35 cyc-foonmain_00052.bmp
#BMP36 cyc-foonmain_00053.bmp
#BMP37 cyc-foonmain_00054.bmp
#BMP38 cyc-foonmain_00055.bmp
#BMP39 cyc-foonmain_00056.bmp
#BMP3A cyc-foonmain_00057.bmp
#BMP3B cyc-foonmain_00058.bmp
#BMP3C cyc-foonmain_00059.bmp
#BMP3D cyc-foonmain_00060.bmp
#BMP3E cyc-foonmain_00061.bmp
#BMP3F cyc-foonmain_00062.bmp
#BMP40 cyc-foonmain_00063.bmp
#BMP41 cyc-last_00000.bmp
#BMP42 cyc-last_00001.bmp
#BMP43 cyc-last_00002.bmp
#BMP44 cyc-last_00003.bmp
#BMP45 cyc-last_00004.bmp
#BMP46 cyc-last_00005.bmp
#BMP47 cyc-last_00006.bmp
#BMP48 cyc-last_00007.bmp
#BMP49 cyc-last_00008.bmp
#BMP4A cyc-last_00009.bmp
#BMP4B cyc-last_00010.bmp
#BMP4C cyc-last_00011.bmp
#BMP4D cyc-last_00012.bmp
#BMP4E cyc-last_00013.bmp
#BMP4F cyc-last_00014.bmp
#BMP50 cyc-last_00015.bmp
#BMP51 cyc-last_00016.bmp
#BMP52 cyc-last_00017.bmp
#BMP53 cyc-last_00018.bmp
#BMP54 cyc-last_00019.bmp
#BMP55 cyc-last_00020.bmp
#BMP56 cyc-last_00021.bmp
#BMP57 cyc-last_00022.bmp
#BMP58 cyc-last_00023.bmp
#BMP59 cyc-last_00024.bmp
#BMP5A cyc-last_00025.bmp
#BMP5B cyc-last_00026.bmp
#BMP5C cyc-last_00027.bmp
#BMP5D cyc-last_00028.bmp
#BMP5E cyc-last_00029.bmp
#BMP5F cyc-last_00030.bmp
#BMP60 cyc-last_00031.bmp
#BMP61 cyc-staff_00000.bmp
#BMP62 cyc-staff_00001.bmp
#BMP63 cyc-staff_00002.bmp
#BMP64 cyc-staff_00003.bmp
#BMP65 cyc-staff_00004.bmp
#BMP66 cyc-staff_00005.bmp
#BMP67 cyc-staff_00006.bmp
#BMP68 cyc-staff_00007.bmp
#BMP69 cyc-staff_00008.bmp
#BMP6A cyc-staff_00009.bmp
#BMP6B cyc-staff_00010.bmp
#BMP6C cyc-staff_00011.bmp
#BMP6D cyc-staff_00012.bmp
#BMP6E cyc-staff_00013.bmp
#BMP6F cyc-staff_00014.bmp
#BMP70 cyc-staff_00015.bmp
#BMP71 cyc-staff_00016.bmp
#BMP72 cyc-staff_00017.bmp
#BMP73 cyc-staff_00018.bmp
#BMP74 cyc-staff_00019.bmp
#BMP75 cyc-staff_00020.bmp
#BMP76 cyc-staff_00021.bmp
#BMP77 cyc-staff_00022.bmp
#BMPFD cyc-miss00000.bmp
#BMPFE cyc-miss00001.bmp
#BMPFF cyc-miss00002.bmp


*---------------------- MAIN DATA FIELD





LRX code

UTF-16LE + BOM, CRLF, probably application/xml, unknown namespace

Header (Metadata) file
The file for describing the musical Score chart (+ Sound files)
The file for describing the Movie (image and video files)


<?xml version="1.0"?>
    sequencetitle="[5keys Normal]"


<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <information rank="0" total="83" />
  <sound id="1"  filename="kick.wav" />
  <sound id="2"  filename="kick.wav" />
  <sound id="3"  filename="clap.wav" />
  <sound id="4"  filename="clap.wav" />
  <sound id="5"  filename="v_f.wav" />
  <sound id="6"  filename="v_o.wav" />
  <sound id="7"  filename="v_o.wav" />
  <sound id="8"  filename="v_n.wav" />
  <sound id="9"  filename="v_foon.wav" />
  <sound id="10" filename="bass.wav" />
  <sound id="11" filename="ohh.wav" />
  <n c="300" s="0" />
  <n c="301" s="0" p="140.000000" />
  <n c="300" s="1920" />
  <n c="100" s="1920" p="1" />
  <n c="101" s="1920" p="3" />
  <n c="102" s="1920" p="10" />
  <n c="4"   s="1920" p="5" />
  <n c="103" s="2160" p="11" />
  <n c="100" s="2400" p="2" />
  <n c="101" s="2400" p="4" />
  <n c="102" s="2400" p="10" />
  <n c="2"   s="2400" p="6" />
  <n c="103" s="2640" p="11" />
  <n c="100" s="2880" p="1" />
  <n c="101" s="2880" p="3" />
  <n c="102" s="2880" p="10" />
  <n c="2"   s="2880" p="7" />
  <n c="100" s="3120" p="2" />
  <n c="101" s="3120" p="4" />
  <n c="102" s="3120" p="10" />
  <n c="103" s="3120" p="11" />
  <n c="100" s="3360" p="1" />
  <n c="101" s="3360" p="3" />
  <n c="102" s="3360" p="10" />
  <n c="5"   s="3360" p="8" />
  <n c="103" s="3600" p="11" />
  <n c="300" s="3840" />
  <n c="100" s="3840" p="1" />
  <n c="101" s="3840" p="3" />
  <n c="102" s="3840" p="10" />
  <n c="4"   s="3840" p="5" />
  <n c="100" s="4080" p="2" />
  <n c="101" s="4080" p="4" />
  <n c="102" s="4080" p="10" />
  <n c="103" s="4080" p="11" />
  <n c="2"   s="4080" p="6" />
  <n c="100" s="4320" p="1" />
  <n c="101" s="4320" p="3" />
  <n c="102" s="4320" p="10" />
  <n c="2"   s="4320" p="7" />
  <n c="100" s="4560" p="2" />
  <n c="101" s="4560" p="4" />
  <n c="102" s="4560" p="10" />
  <n c="103" s="4560" p="11" />
  <n c="5"   s="4560" p="8" />
  <n c="0"   s="5040" p="9" />
  <n c="300" s="5760" />
  <n c="300" s="7680" />
  <n c="300" s="9600" />


<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <information artist_movie="cyclia" size="0" />
  <movie id="1"   filename="cyc-foonmain_00000.bmp" />
  <movie id="2"   filename="cyc-foonmain_00001.bmp" />
  <movie id="3"   filename="cyc-foonmain_00002.bmp" />
  <movie id="4"   filename="cyc-foonmain_00003.bmp" />
  <movie id="5"   filename="cyc-foonmain_00004.bmp" />
  <movie id="6"   filename="cyc-foonmain_00005.bmp" />
  <movie id="7"   filename="cyc-foonmain_00006.bmp" />
  <movie id="8"   filename="cyc-foonmain_00007.bmp" />
  <movie id="9"   filename="cyc-foonmain_00008.bmp" />
  <movie id="10"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00009.bmp" />
  <movie id="11"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00010.bmp" />
  <movie id="12"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00011.bmp" />
  <movie id="13"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00012.bmp" />
  <movie id="14"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00013.bmp" />
  <movie id="15"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00014.bmp" />
  <movie id="16"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00015.bmp" />
  <movie id="17"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00016.bmp" />
  <movie id="18"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00017.bmp" />
  <movie id="19"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00018.bmp" />
  <movie id="20"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00019.bmp" />
  <movie id="21"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00020.bmp" />
  <movie id="22"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00021.bmp" />
  <movie id="23"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00022.bmp" />
  <movie id="24"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00023.bmp" />
  <movie id="25"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00024.bmp" />
  <movie id="26"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00025.bmp" />
  <movie id="27"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00026.bmp" />
  <movie id="28"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00027.bmp" />
  <movie id="29"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00028.bmp" />
  <movie id="30"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00029.bmp" />
  <movie id="31"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00030.bmp" />
  <movie id="32"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00031.bmp" />
  <movie id="33"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00032.bmp" />
  <movie id="34"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00033.bmp" />
  <movie id="35"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00034.bmp" />
  <movie id="36"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00035.bmp" />
  <movie id="37"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00036.bmp" />
  <movie id="38"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00037.bmp" />
  <movie id="39"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00038.bmp" />
  <movie id="40"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00039.bmp" />
  <movie id="41"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00040.bmp" />
  <movie id="42"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00041.bmp" />
  <movie id="43"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00042.bmp" />
  <movie id="44"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00043.bmp" />
  <movie id="45"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00044.bmp" />
  <movie id="46"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00045.bmp" />
  <movie id="47"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00046.bmp" />
  <movie id="48"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00047.bmp" />
  <movie id="49"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00048.bmp" />
  <movie id="50"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00049.bmp" />
  <movie id="51"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00050.bmp" />
  <movie id="52"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00051.bmp" />
  <movie id="53"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00052.bmp" />
  <movie id="54"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00053.bmp" />
  <movie id="55"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00054.bmp" />
  <movie id="56"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00055.bmp" />
  <movie id="57"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00056.bmp" />
  <movie id="58"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00057.bmp" />
  <movie id="59"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00058.bmp" />
  <movie id="60"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00059.bmp" />
  <movie id="61"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00060.bmp" />
  <movie id="62"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00061.bmp" />
  <movie id="63"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00062.bmp" />
  <movie id="64"  filename="cyc-foonmain_00063.bmp" />
  <movie id="65"  filename="cyc-last_00000.bmp" />
  <movie id="66"  filename="cyc-last_00001.bmp" />
  <movie id="67"  filename="cyc-last_00002.bmp" />
  <movie id="68"  filename="cyc-last_00003.bmp" />
  <movie id="69"  filename="cyc-last_00004.bmp" />
  <movie id="70"  filename="cyc-last_00005.bmp" />
  <movie id="71"  filename="cyc-last_00006.bmp" />
  <movie id="72"  filename="cyc-last_00007.bmp" />
  <movie id="73"  filename="cyc-last_00008.bmp" />
  <movie id="74"  filename="cyc-last_00009.bmp" />
  <movie id="75"  filename="cyc-last_00010.bmp" />
  <movie id="76"  filename="cyc-last_00011.bmp" />
  <movie id="77"  filename="cyc-last_00012.bmp" />
  <movie id="78"  filename="cyc-last_00013.bmp" />
  <movie id="79"  filename="cyc-last_00014.bmp" />
  <movie id="80"  filename="cyc-last_00015.bmp" />
  <movie id="81"  filename="cyc-last_00016.bmp" />
  <movie id="82"  filename="cyc-last_00017.bmp" />
  <movie id="83"  filename="cyc-last_00018.bmp" />
  <movie id="84"  filename="cyc-last_00019.bmp" />
  <movie id="85"  filename="cyc-last_00020.bmp" />
  <movie id="86"  filename="cyc-last_00021.bmp" />
  <movie id="87"  filename="cyc-last_00022.bmp" />
  <movie id="88"  filename="cyc-last_00023.bmp" />
  <movie id="89"  filename="cyc-last_00024.bmp" />
  <movie id="90"  filename="cyc-last_00025.bmp" />
  <movie id="91"  filename="cyc-last_00026.bmp" />
  <movie id="92"  filename="cyc-last_00027.bmp" />
  <movie id="93"  filename="cyc-last_00028.bmp" />
  <movie id="94"  filename="cyc-last_00029.bmp" />
  <movie id="95"  filename="cyc-last_00030.bmp" />
  <movie id="96"  filename="cyc-last_00031.bmp" />
  <movie id="97"  filename="cyc-staff_00000.bmp" />
  <movie id="98"  filename="cyc-staff_00001.bmp" />
  <movie id="99"  filename="cyc-staff_00002.bmp" />
  <movie id="100" filename="cyc-staff_00003.bmp" />
  <movie id="101" filename="cyc-staff_00004.bmp" />
  <movie id="102" filename="cyc-staff_00005.bmp" />
  <movie id="103" filename="cyc-staff_00006.bmp" />
  <movie id="104" filename="cyc-staff_00007.bmp" />
  <movie id="105" filename="cyc-staff_00008.bmp" />
  <movie id="106" filename="cyc-staff_00009.bmp" />
  <movie id="107" filename="cyc-staff_00010.bmp" />
  <movie id="108" filename="cyc-staff_00011.bmp" />
  <movie id="109" filename="cyc-staff_00012.bmp" />
  <movie id="110" filename="cyc-staff_00013.bmp" />
  <movie id="111" filename="cyc-staff_00014.bmp" />
  <movie id="112" filename="cyc-staff_00015.bmp" />
  <movie id="113" filename="cyc-staff_00016.bmp" />
  <movie id="114" filename="cyc-staff_00017.bmp" />
  <movie id="115" filename="cyc-staff_00018.bmp" />
  <movie id="116" filename="cyc-staff_00019.bmp" />
  <movie id="117" filename="cyc-staff_00020.bmp" />
  <movie id="118" filename="cyc-staff_00021.bmp" />
  <movie id="119" filename="cyc-staff_00022.bmp" />
  <movie id="120" filename="cyc-miss00000.bmp" />
  <movie id="121" filename="cyc-miss00001.bmp" />
  <movie id="122" filename="cyc-miss00002.bmp" />
  <n c="200" s="1920" p="1" />
  <n c="299" s="1920" p="120" />
  <n c="200" s="1950" p="2" />
  <n c="200" s="1980" p="3" />
  <n c="200" s="2010" p="4" />
  <n c="200" s="2040" p="5" />
  <n c="200" s="2070" p="6" />
  <n c="200" s="2100" p="7" />
  <n c="200" s="2130" p="8" />
  <n c="200" s="2160" p="9" />
  <n c="200" s="2190" p="10" />
  <n c="200" s="2220" p="11" />
  <n c="200" s="2250" p="12" />
  <n c="200" s="2280" p="13" />
  <n c="200" s="2310" p="14" />
  <n c="200" s="2340" p="15" />
  <n c="200" s="2370" p="16" />
  <n c="200" s="2400" p="17" />
  <n c="200" s="2430" p="18" />
  <n c="200" s="2460" p="19" />
  <n c="200" s="2490" p="20" />
  <n c="200" s="2520" p="21" />
  <n c="200" s="2550" p="22" />
  <n c="200" s="2580" p="23" />
  <n c="200" s="2610" p="24" />
  <n c="200" s="2640" p="25" />
  <n c="200" s="2670" p="26" />
  <n c="200" s="2700" p="27" />
  <n c="200" s="2730" p="28" />
  <n c="200" s="2760" p="29" />
  <n c="200" s="2790" p="30" />
  <n c="200" s="2820" p="31" />
  <n c="200" s="2850" p="32" />
  <n c="200" s="2880" p="33" />
  <n c="200" s="2910" p="34" />
  <n c="200" s="2940" p="35" />
  <n c="200" s="2970" p="36" />
  <n c="200" s="3000" p="37" />
  <n c="200" s="3030" p="38" />
  <n c="200" s="3060" p="39" />
  <n c="200" s="3090" p="40" />
  <n c="200" s="3120" p="41" />
  <n c="200" s="3150" p="42" />
  <n c="200" s="3180" p="43" />
  <n c="200" s="3210" p="44" />
  <n c="200" s="3240" p="45" />
  <n c="200" s="3270" p="46" />
  <n c="200" s="3300" p="47" />
  <n c="200" s="3330" p="48" />
  <n c="200" s="3360" p="49" />
  <n c="299" s="3360" p="121" />
  <n c="200" s="3390" p="50" />
  <n c="200" s="3420" p="51" />
  <n c="200" s="3450" p="52" />
  <n c="200" s="3480" p="53" />
  <n c="200" s="3510" p="54" />
  <n c="200" s="3540" p="55" />
  <n c="200" s="3570" p="56" />
  <n c="200" s="3600" p="57" />
  <n c="200" s="3630" p="58" />
  <n c="200" s="3660" p="59" />
  <n c="200" s="3690" p="60" />
  <n c="200" s="3720" p="61" />
  <n c="200" s="3750" p="62" />
  <n c="200" s="3780" p="63" />
  <n c="200" s="3810" p="64" />
  <n c="200" s="3840" p="9" />
  <n c="200" s="3870" p="10" />
  <n c="200" s="3900" p="11" />
  <n c="200" s="3930" p="12" />
  <n c="200" s="3960" p="13" />
  <n c="200" s="3990" p="14" />
  <n c="200" s="4020" p="15" />
  <n c="200" s="4050" p="16" />
  <n c="200" s="4080" p="25" />
  <n c="200" s="4110" p="26" />
  <n c="200" s="4140" p="27" />
  <n c="200" s="4170" p="28" />
  <n c="200" s="4200" p="29" />
  <n c="200" s="4230" p="30" />
  <n c="200" s="4260" p="31" />
  <n c="200" s="4290" p="32" />
  <n c="200" s="4320" p="41" />
  <n c="200" s="4350" p="42" />
  <n c="200" s="4380" p="43" />
  <n c="200" s="4410" p="44" />
  <n c="200" s="4440" p="45" />
  <n c="200" s="4470" p="46" />
  <n c="200" s="4500" p="47" />
  <n c="200" s="4530" p="48" />
  <n c="200" s="4560" p="57" />
  <n c="200" s="4590" p="58" />
  <n c="200" s="4620" p="59" />
  <n c="200" s="4650" p="60" />
  <n c="200" s="4680" p="61" />
  <n c="200" s="4710" p="62" />
  <n c="200" s="4740" p="63" />
  <n c="200" s="4770" p="64" />
  <n c="200" s="5040" p="65" />
  <n c="299" s="5040" p="122" />
  <n c="200" s="5070" p="66" />
  <n c="200" s="5100" p="67" />
  <n c="200" s="5130" p="68" />
  <n c="200" s="5160" p="69" />
  <n c="200" s="5190" p="70" />
  <n c="200" s="5220" p="71" />
  <n c="200" s="5250" p="72" />
  <n c="200" s="5280" p="73" />
  <n c="200" s="5310" p="74" />
  <n c="200" s="5340" p="75" />
  <n c="200" s="5370" p="76" />
  <n c="200" s="5400" p="77" />
  <n c="200" s="5430" p="78" />
  <n c="200" s="5460" p="79" />
  <n c="200" s="5490" p="80" />
  <n c="200" s="5520" p="81" />
  <n c="200" s="5550" p="82" />
  <n c="200" s="5580" p="83" />
  <n c="200" s="5610" p="84" />
  <n c="200" s="5640" p="85" />
  <n c="200" s="5670" p="86" />
  <n c="200" s="5700" p="87" />
  <n c="200" s="5730" p="88" />
  <n c="200" s="5760" p="89" />
  <n c="200" s="5790" p="90" />
  <n c="200" s="5820" p="91" />
  <n c="200" s="5850" p="92" />
  <n c="200" s="5880" p="93" />
  <n c="200" s="5910" p="94" />
  <n c="200" s="5940" p="95" />
  <n c="200" s="5970" p="96" />
  <n c="200" s="6720" p="97" />
  <n c="200" s="6750" p="98" />
  <n c="200" s="6780" p="99" />
  <n c="200" s="6810" p="100" />
  <n c="200" s="6840" p="101" />
  <n c="200" s="6870" p="102" />
  <n c="200" s="6900" p="103" />
  <n c="200" s="6930" p="104" />
  <n c="200" s="7680" p="105" />
  <n c="200" s="7710" p="106" />
  <n c="200" s="7740" p="107" />
  <n c="200" s="7770" p="108" />
  <n c="200" s="7800" p="109" />
  <n c="200" s="7830" p="110" />
  <n c="200" s="7860" p="111" />
  <n c="200" s="7890" p="112" />
  <n c="200" s="8640" p="113" />
  <n c="200" s="8670" p="114" />
  <n c="200" s="8700" p="115" />
  <n c="200" s="8730" p="116" />
  <n c="200" s="8760" p="117" />
  <n c="200" s="8790" p="118" />
  <n c="200" s="8820" p="119" />
  <n c="200" s="8850" p="96" />



<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <title  priority="0">(^^)</title>
    <title  priority="1">[5keys Normal]</title>
    <artist priority="0">Yamajet</artist>
    <artist priority="1">BGA: cyclia</artist>
    <sound id="kick-1">kick.wav</sound>
    <sound id="kick-2">kick.wav</sound>
    <sound id="clap-1">clap.wav</sound>
    <sound id="clap-2">clap.wav</sound>
    <sound id="voice1">v_f.wav</sound>
    <sound id="voice2">v_o.wav</sound>
    <sound id="voice3">v_o.wav</sound>
    <sound id="voice4">v_n.wav</sound>
    <sound id="voice5">v_foon.wav</sound>
    <sound id="bass-1">bass.wav</sound>
    <sound id="hihat1">ohh.wav</sound>
    <image id="splash">title.bmp</image>
    <image id="banner">_banner.bmp</image>
    <image id="01">cyc-foonmain_00000.bmp</image>
    <image id="02">cyc-foonmain_00001.bmp</image>
    <image id="03">cyc-foonmain_00002.bmp</image>
    <image id="04">cyc-foonmain_00003.bmp</image>
    <image id="05">cyc-foonmain_00004.bmp</image>
    <image id="06">cyc-foonmain_00005.bmp</image>
    <image id="07">cyc-foonmain_00006.bmp</image>
    <image id="08">cyc-foonmain_00007.bmp</image>
    <image id="09">cyc-foonmain_00008.bmp</image>
    <image id="0A">cyc-foonmain_00009.bmp</image>
    <image id="0B">cyc-foonmain_00010.bmp</image>
    <image id="0C">cyc-foonmain_00011.bmp</image>
    <image id="0D">cyc-foonmain_00012.bmp</image>
    <image id="0E">cyc-foonmain_00013.bmp</image>
    <image id="0F">cyc-foonmain_00014.bmp</image>
    <image id="10">cyc-foonmain_00015.bmp</image>
    <image id="11">cyc-foonmain_00016.bmp</image>
    <image id="12">cyc-foonmain_00017.bmp</image>
    <image id="13">cyc-foonmain_00018.bmp</image>
    <image id="14">cyc-foonmain_00019.bmp</image>
    <image id="15">cyc-foonmain_00020.bmp</image>
    <image id="16">cyc-foonmain_00021.bmp</image>
    <image id="17">cyc-foonmain_00022.bmp</image>
    <image id="18">cyc-foonmain_00023.bmp</image>
    <image id="19">cyc-foonmain_00024.bmp</image>
    <image id="1A">cyc-foonmain_00025.bmp</image>
    <image id="1B">cyc-foonmain_00026.bmp</image>
    <image id="1C">cyc-foonmain_00027.bmp</image>
    <image id="1D">cyc-foonmain_00028.bmp</image>
    <image id="1E">cyc-foonmain_00029.bmp</image>
    <image id="1F">cyc-foonmain_00030.bmp</image>
    <image id="20">cyc-foonmain_00031.bmp</image>
    <image id="21">cyc-foonmain_00032.bmp</image>
    <image id="22">cyc-foonmain_00033.bmp</image>
    <image id="23">cyc-foonmain_00034.bmp</image>
    <image id="24">cyc-foonmain_00035.bmp</image>
    <image id="25">cyc-foonmain_00036.bmp</image>
    <image id="26">cyc-foonmain_00037.bmp</image>
    <image id="27">cyc-foonmain_00038.bmp</image>
    <image id="28">cyc-foonmain_00039.bmp</image>
    <image id="29">cyc-foonmain_00040.bmp</image>
    <image id="2A">cyc-foonmain_00041.bmp</image>
    <image id="2B">cyc-foonmain_00042.bmp</image>
    <image id="2C">cyc-foonmain_00043.bmp</image>
    <image id="2D">cyc-foonmain_00044.bmp</image>
    <image id="2E">cyc-foonmain_00045.bmp</image>
    <image id="2F">cyc-foonmain_00046.bmp</image>
    <image id="30">cyc-foonmain_00047.bmp</image>
    <image id="31">cyc-foonmain_00048.bmp</image>
    <image id="32">cyc-foonmain_00049.bmp</image>
    <image id="33">cyc-foonmain_00050.bmp</image>
    <image id="34">cyc-foonmain_00051.bmp</image>
    <image id="35">cyc-foonmain_00052.bmp</image>
    <image id="36">cyc-foonmain_00053.bmp</image>
    <image id="37">cyc-foonmain_00054.bmp</image>
    <image id="38">cyc-foonmain_00055.bmp</image>
    <image id="39">cyc-foonmain_00056.bmp</image>
    <image id="3A">cyc-foonmain_00057.bmp</image>
    <image id="3B">cyc-foonmain_00058.bmp</image>
    <image id="3C">cyc-foonmain_00059.bmp</image>
    <image id="3D">cyc-foonmain_00060.bmp</image>
    <image id="3E">cyc-foonmain_00061.bmp</image>
    <image id="3F">cyc-foonmain_00062.bmp</image>
    <image id="40">cyc-foonmain_00063.bmp</image>
    <image id="41">cyc-last_00000.bmp</image>
    <image id="42">cyc-last_00001.bmp</image>
    <image id="43">cyc-last_00002.bmp</image>
    <image id="44">cyc-last_00003.bmp</image>
    <image id="45">cyc-last_00004.bmp</image>
    <image id="46">cyc-last_00005.bmp</image>
    <image id="47">cyc-last_00006.bmp</image>
    <image id="48">cyc-last_00007.bmp</image>
    <image id="49">cyc-last_00008.bmp</image>
    <image id="4A">cyc-last_00009.bmp</image>
    <image id="4B">cyc-last_00010.bmp</image>
    <image id="4C">cyc-last_00011.bmp</image>
    <image id="4D">cyc-last_00012.bmp</image>
    <image id="4E">cyc-last_00013.bmp</image>
    <image id="4F">cyc-last_00014.bmp</image>
    <image id="50">cyc-last_00015.bmp</image>
    <image id="51">cyc-last_00016.bmp</image>
    <image id="52">cyc-last_00017.bmp</image>
    <image id="53">cyc-last_00018.bmp</image>
    <image id="54">cyc-last_00019.bmp</image>
    <image id="55">cyc-last_00020.bmp</image>
    <image id="56">cyc-last_00021.bmp</image>
    <image id="57">cyc-last_00022.bmp</image>
    <image id="58">cyc-last_00023.bmp</image>
    <image id="59">cyc-last_00024.bmp</image>
    <image id="5A">cyc-last_00025.bmp</image>
    <image id="5B">cyc-last_00026.bmp</image>
    <image id="5C">cyc-last_00027.bmp</image>
    <image id="5D">cyc-last_00028.bmp</image>
    <image id="5E">cyc-last_00029.bmp</image>
    <image id="5F">cyc-last_00030.bmp</image>
    <image id="60">cyc-last_00031.bmp</image>
    <image id="61">cyc-staff_00000.bmp</image>
    <image id="62">cyc-staff_00001.bmp</image>
    <image id="63">cyc-staff_00002.bmp</image>
    <image id="64">cyc-staff_00003.bmp</image>
    <image id="65">cyc-staff_00004.bmp</image>
    <image id="66">cyc-staff_00005.bmp</image>
    <image id="67">cyc-staff_00006.bmp</image>
    <image id="68">cyc-staff_00007.bmp</image>
    <image id="69">cyc-staff_00008.bmp</image>
    <image id="6A">cyc-staff_00009.bmp</image>
    <image id="6B">cyc-staff_00010.bmp</image>
    <image id="6C">cyc-staff_00011.bmp</image>
    <image id="6D">cyc-staff_00012.bmp</image>
    <image id="6E">cyc-staff_00013.bmp</image>
    <image id="6F">cyc-staff_00014.bmp</image>
    <image id="70">cyc-staff_00015.bmp</image>
    <image id="71">cyc-staff_00016.bmp</image>
    <image id="72">cyc-staff_00017.bmp</image>
    <image id="73">cyc-staff_00018.bmp</image>
    <image id="74">cyc-staff_00019.bmp</image>
    <image id="75">cyc-staff_00020.bmp</image>
    <image id="76">cyc-staff_00021.bmp</image>
    <image id="77">cyc-staff_00022.bmp</image>
    <image id="FD">cyc-miss00000.bmp</image>
    <image id="FE">cyc-miss00001.bmp</image>
    <image id="FF">cyc-miss00002.bmp</image>
      <!-- ? -->
        <keygroup position="1">
          <key type="key">PLAYER1/1</key>
          <key type="key">PLAYER1/2</key>
          <key type="key">PLAYER1/3</key>
          <key type="key">PLAYER1/4</key>
          <key type="key">PLAYER1/5</key>
          <key type="scratch" />
    <level max="9" scale="normal">1</level>
    <judges position="0">
      <!-- ? -->
      <judge type="perfect">8ms</judge>
      <judge type="great">16ms</judge>
      <judge type="good">24ms</judge>
      <judge type="bad">32ms</judge>
      <judge type="poor">40ms</judge>
    <gauge mode="normal">
      <setgauge type="total">83</setgauge>
      <setgauge type="default">22.0</setgauge>
    <bar />
      <bgm  time="00/16" id="kick-1" />
      <bgm  time="00/16" id="clap-1" />
      <bgm  time="00/16" id="bass-1" />
      <bgm  time="02/16" id="hihat1" />
      <bgm  time="04/16" id="kick-2" />
      <bgm  time="04/16" id="clap-2" />
      <bgm  time="04/16" id="bass-1" />
      <bgm  time="06/16" id="hihat1" />
      <bgm  time="08/16" id="kick-1" />
      <bgm  time="08/16" id="clap-1" />
      <bgm  time="08/16" id="bass-1" />
      <bgm  time="10/16" id="kick-2" />
      <bgm  time="10/16" id="clap-2" />
      <bgm  time="10/16" id="bass-1" />
      <bgm  time="10/16" id="hihat1" />
      <bgm  time="12/16" id="kick-1" />
      <bgm  time="12/16" id="clap-1" />
      <bgm  time="12/16" id="bass-1" />
      <bgm  time="14/16" id="hihat1" />
      <note time="00/16" id="voice1" type="note" position="PLAYER1/4" />
      <note time="04/16" id="voice2" type="note" position="PLAYER1/2" />
      <note time="08/16" id="voice3" type="note" position="PLAYER1/2" />
      <note time="12/16" id="voice4" type="note" position="PLAYER1/5" />
      <bga  time="00/64" id="01" />
      <bga  time="01/64" id="02" />
      <bga  time="02/64" id="03" />
      <bga  time="03/64" id="04" />
      <bga  time="04/64" id="05" />
      <bga  time="05/64" id="06" />
      <bga  time="06/64" id="07" />
      <bga  time="07/64" id="08" />
      <bga  time="08/64" id="09" />
      <bga  time="09/64" id="0A" />
      <bga  time="10/64" id="0B" />
      <bga  time="11/64" id="0C" />
      <bga  time="12/64" id="0D" />
      <bga  time="13/64" id="0E" />
      <bga  time="14/64" id="0F" />
      <bga  time="15/64" id="10" />
      <bga  time="16/64" id="11" />
      <bga  time="17/64" id="12" />
      <bga  time="18/64" id="13" />
      <bga  time="19/64" id="14" />
      <bga  time="20/64" id="15" />
      <bga  time="21/64" id="16" />
      <bga  time="22/64" id="17" />
      <bga  time="23/64" id="18" />
      <bga  time="24/64" id="19" />
      <bga  time="25/64" id="1A" />
      <bga  time="26/64" id="1B" />
      <bga  time="27/64" id="1C" />
      <bga  time="28/64" id="1D" />
      <bga  time="29/64" id="1E" />
      <bga  time="30/64" id="1F" />
      <bga  time="31/64" id="20" />
      <bga  time="32/64" id="21" />
      <bga  time="33/64" id="22" />
      <bga  time="34/64" id="23" />
      <bga  time="35/64" id="24" />
      <bga  time="36/64" id="25" />
      <bga  time="37/64" id="26" />
      <bga  time="38/64" id="27" />
      <bga  time="39/64" id="28" />
      <bga  time="40/64" id="29" />
      <bga  time="41/64" id="2A" />
      <bga  time="42/64" id="2B" />
      <bga  time="43/64" id="2C" />
      <bga  time="44/64" id="2D" />
      <bga  time="45/64" id="2E" />
      <bga  time="46/64" id="2F" />
      <bga  time="47/64" id="30" />
      <bga  time="48/64" id="31" />
      <bga  time="49/64" id="32" />
      <bga  time="50/64" id="33" />
      <bga  time="51/64" id="34" />
      <bga  time="52/64" id="35" />
      <bga  time="53/64" id="36" />
      <bga  time="54/64" id="37" />
      <bga  time="55/64" id="38" />
      <bga  time="56/64" id="39" />
      <bga  time="57/64" id="3A" />
      <bga  time="58/64" id="3B" />
      <bga  time="59/64" id="3C" />
      <bga  time="60/64" id="3D" />
      <bga  time="61/64" id="3E" />
      <bga  time="62/64" id="3F" />
      <bga  time="63/64" id="40" />
      <bga  time="00/64" id="FD" judge="miss" length="300ms" layer="65535" />
      <bga  time="48/64" id="FE" judge="miss" length="300ms" layer="65535" />
      <bgm  time="00/16" id="kick-1" />
      <bgm  time="00/16" id="clap-1" />
      <bgm  time="00/16" id="bass-1" />
      <bgm  time="02/16" id="kick-2" />
      <bgm  time="02/16" id="clap-2" />
      <bgm  time="02/16" id="bass-1" />
      <bgm  time="02/16" id="hihat1" />
      <bgm  time="04/16" id="kick-1" />
      <bgm  time="04/16" id="clap-1" />
      <bgm  time="04/16" id="bass-1" />
      <bgm  time="06/16" id="kick-1" />
      <bgm  time="06/16" id="clap-1" />
      <bgm  time="06/16" id="bass-1" />
      <bgm  time="06/16" id="hihat1" />
      <note time="00/16" id="voice1" type="note" position="PLAYER1/4" />
      <note time="02/16" id="voice2" type="note" position="PLAYER1/2" />
      <note time="04/16" id="voice3" type="note" position="PLAYER1/2" />
      <note time="06/16" id="voice4" type="note" position="PLAYER1/5" />
      <note time="10/16" id="voice5" type="note" position="PLAYER1/6" />
      <bga  time="00/64" id="09" />
      <bga  time="01/64" id="0A" />
      <bga  time="02/64" id="0B" />
      <bga  time="03/64" id="0C" />
      <bga  time="04/64" id="0D" />
      <bga  time="05/64" id="0E" />
      <bga  time="06/64" id="0F" />
      <bga  time="07/64" id="10" />
      <bga  time="08/64" id="19" />
      <bga  time="09/64" id="1A" />
      <bga  time="10/64" id="1B" />
      <bga  time="11/64" id="1C" />
      <bga  time="12/64" id="1D" />
      <bga  time="13/64" id="1E" />
      <bga  time="14/64" id="1F" />
      <bga  time="15/64" id="20" />
      <bga  time="16/64" id="29" />
      <bga  time="17/64" id="2A" />
      <bga  time="18/64" id="2B" />
      <bga  time="19/64" id="2C" />
      <bga  time="20/64" id="2D" />
      <bga  time="21/64" id="2E" />
      <bga  time="22/64" id="2F" />
      <bga  time="23/64" id="30" />
      <bga  time="24/64" id="39" />
      <bga  time="25/64" id="3A" />
      <bga  time="26/64" id="3B" />
      <bga  time="27/64" id="3C" />
      <bga  time="28/64" id="3D" />
      <bga  time="29/64" id="3E" />
      <bga  time="30/64" id="3F" />
      <bga  time="31/64" id="40" />
      <bga  time="40/64" id="41" />
      <bga  time="41/64" id="42" />
      <bga  time="42/64" id="43" />
      <bga  time="43/64" id="44" />
      <bga  time="44/64" id="45" />
      <bga  time="45/64" id="46" />
      <bga  time="46/64" id="47" />
      <bga  time="47/64" id="48" />
      <bga  time="48/64" id="49" />
      <bga  time="49/64" id="4A" />
      <bga  time="50/64" id="4B" />
      <bga  time="51/64" id="4C" />
      <bga  time="52/64" id="4D" />
      <bga  time="53/64" id="4E" />
      <bga  time="54/64" id="4F" />
      <bga  time="55/64" id="50" />
      <bga  time="56/64" id="51" />
      <bga  time="57/64" id="52" />
      <bga  time="58/64" id="53" />
      <bga  time="59/64" id="54" />
      <bga  time="60/64" id="55" />
      <bga  time="61/64" id="56" />
      <bga  time="62/64" id="57" />
      <bga  time="63/64" id="58" />
      <bga  time="40/64" id="FF" judge="miss" length="300ms" layer="65535" />
      <bga  time="00/64" id="59" />
      <bga  time="01/64" id="5A" />
      <bga  time="02/64" id="5B" />
      <bga  time="03/64" id="5C" />
      <bga  time="04/64" id="5D" />
      <bga  time="05/64" id="5E" />
      <bga  time="06/64" id="5F" />
      <bga  time="07/64" id="60" />
      <bga  time="32/64" id="61" />
      <bga  time="33/64" id="62" />
      <bga  time="34/64" id="63" />
      <bga  time="35/64" id="64" />
      <bga  time="36/64" id="65" />
      <bga  time="37/64" id="66" />
      <bga  time="38/64" id="67" />
      <bga  time="39/64" id="68" />
      <bga  time="00/64" id="69" />
      <bga  time="01/64" id="6A" />
      <bga  time="02/64" id="6B" />
      <bga  time="03/64" id="6C" />
      <bga  time="04/64" id="6D" />
      <bga  time="05/64" id="6E" />
      <bga  time="06/64" id="6F" />
      <bga  time="07/64" id="70" />
      <bga  time="32/64" id="71" />
      <bga  time="33/64" id="72" />
      <bga  time="34/64" id="73" />
      <bga  time="35/64" id="74" />
      <bga  time="36/64" id="75" />
      <bga  time="37/64" id="76" />
      <bga  time="38/64" id="77" />
      <bga  time="39/64" id="60" />