PMSee-V v2.2.3

  • Fixed rendering bug; Overlapping channels are not permitted any longer.
  • Now, PMSee-V can be started if a BMS/BME/BML/PMS chart is dropped to pmsee-v.exe on my Windows 8.1. This is news very good for me. Thanks to Ponira.

BMS full path test on Windows 8.1

#TITLE Full path test
#BPM 140
#WAV01 D:\wav.wav
#BMP01 D:\bmp.bmp
Can play:
otama, DDR, MixWaver, nanasi, pomu2, PMSee-V, BMS Viewer, DTXC
Cannot play:
BM98/BM98de, RDM, nazo, o2mania/o2play, fgt/fgt++/fgt#, LR2, ruvit, IIDXv/HDX, Angolmois(C|R), Sonorous, GALLI, BMEV, nBMplay, WAview, KbMedia, DTXV/DTXManiaGR, uBMplay 1.4.6, BMSC/iBMSC, BME2WAV/BMX2WAV, BMS2AVI, TechnicalGroove
Ended abnormally:
bemaniaDX, uBMplay 1.5.2, GDAC2/BMSE, bms2wav, BGAEnc, BGAEncAdv

A part of group which cannot load a full path tends to load “BMS-directory\defined-path”.

E.g. : “D:\bms\yamajet_is_sugoi\D:\wav.wav is not found.

Two tests for uBMplay

  • #WAV01 D:\kick.wav
    uBMplay 1.4.6:
    Pass (However, full path does not sound on Windows 8.1)
    uBMplay 1.5.2:
    Ended abnormally
  • #TITLE Stack*4
    #BPM 120
    Buggy rendering (LN-Start + Visible note) / Total Note: 0
    Buggy rendering (???) / Total Notes: 3 [Fixed on v2.2.3]
    nazo, fgt++?, pomu2:
    LN + Visible note on LN-End / Total Notes: 2
    LR2, nanasi, ruvit, fgt#, Angolmois, Sonorous:
    One LN / Total Note: 1
    IIDXv, HDX:
    One LN / Total Notes: 2 (LN-Start + LN-End)
    ?? / Total Notes: 4

DTXMania 099 + DTXCreator 026

なお、今回のリリース(099)が、Windows XPで動作する最後のバージョンとなります。次のリリース以降(100~)は、Windows 7以降でのみ動作確認する予定です。(Direct3D9Exなど、今後はXPでは使用できない機能を使用するため、今後のバージョンはXPでは動作しなくなります)

  • This release (099) is the last version which supports Windows XP.
  • DTXCreator 026 can call DTXManiaGR.exe now as viewer-application instead of DTXV.exe.
  • In connection with this, DTXMania and DTXCreator are released by one set from now on.
  • I added DTXManiaGR to “BMS Bitmap test”.

When the negative BPM is applied, Rhythm-it displays past LONGNOTEs

“Sofa $15 -> $2014” made me remember that.

This additional chart:
Bolero + boléro
Direct link to this sample video:

Sonorous 0.1.0-pre ()

Introduced the new skin system, used for every user interface excluding the play screen (pending).

default skin lookup path: <root>/res/skin

By “-Y PATH” or “--skin-root PATH” option, another SKIN is applicable.

SKIN is defined by simple JSON. Since Sonorous is mostly text-based BMS player, customization is not difficult for users.

The metadata is cached to the database when -D dbpath option is given, so the list of BMSes gets loaded very quickly after the initial loading.

Details: commit 3f18878

By “-D PATH” or “--database-root PATH” option, the database path which should be writable is settable.

I who don't know well about SQLite wait for description by someone who knows in more detail.


  • 興味があります。私はrulesの良し悪しを判断できませんが、難易度を同梱譜面と比較するのが主眼なら現段階でほぼ問題なさそうに思います。10KEYS差分は登録の余地が無さそうだけど、さすがに仕方ないかな。
  • たとえば#PLAYLEVEL 99の7KEYS譜面を持つ“Cul de Suc”に対し、#PLAYLEVEL 98の7KEYS差分を登録できるでしょうか? それとも同梱譜面の下限難易度#PLAYLEVEL 6を下回る必要があるでしょうか?
  • 差分や追加filesの命名規則が揃っていると、便利かもしれません。可能な限り「同梱譜面ではないこと」を明示する“戦國 DP Starter Pack”のstyleは、理想的に見えます。(Sonorous#DIFFICULTY 0を警告しますが、それ以外の不利益が無いようなら、私はこのstyleを積極的に真似したいです。)


#PLAYLEVEL frequency
Charts 14 10
132 files2
1239 files39
1111 files11
109 files9
91 file1
87 files7
72 files2
66 files51
55 files5
41 file1
31 file1
20 file
11 file1
85 files841

Categorizing about “ALL SCRATCH” chart

For example, “Fruit collection” (10KEYS ANOTHER) should be distinguished from “Fruit collection” (14KEYS ANOTHER). In present BMS specification, the method for distinguishing these has only #xxx31-49. [LR2, nanasi, TechnicalGroove] #xxx29:00 is effective.

10KEYS 14KEYS For uBMplay
#BPM 130
#BPM 130
#BPM 130

By the way, the following methods are not recommended:


Mimic-14KEYS by invisible notes is nothing but 14KEYS in modern implementations (such as LR2, nanasi, Angolmois, Sonorous, TechnicalGroove, etc). SKIN or SORT for 10KEYS are not applied to mimic-14KEYS. Moreover, it becomes impossible to classify DP charts by the number of KEYs.

#PLAYLEVEL frequency table of “戦[sen-goku]國 〜甲午の乱〜

About charts included by default
Charts 7 14 5 10 9 0
36 files10224
1252 files457
1156 files4313
1064 files5761
945 files36711
840 files30451
737 files28432
639 files3027
539 files3225
436 files23571
318 files14121
211 files11
18 files53
06 files312
-8 files8
495 files36757326258

This table contains the four or more different contexts:

  • Nine levels from 1 to 9 based on beatmania series from “complete MIX 2” to “THE FINAL”.
  • Twelve levels from 1 to 12 based on beatmania IIDX series from “12 HAPPY SKY”.
  • Fifty levels from 1 to 50 based on pop'n music series from “Sunny Park”.
  • Implicit promise by the INSANE BMS players who defined AA (ANOTHER chart from beatmania IIDX 11 IIDX RED) as the reference level 1. (Image of AA(A) / Video of AA(A))
  • Level evaluation based on rhythm games other than these, or noters' original level evaluation.